Best Spanish Language Books, Songs, and Activities for Preschoolers

KSS Preschool Spanish Summer ActivitiesSummer is finally here in the San Francisco Bay Area, and there’s no better time for your child to brush up on their Spanish language skills! Here are some fun books, songs, and activities preschoolers will enjoy during these hot summer months.

3 Spanish Language Books Your Child Can Add to Their Summer Reading Lists

Here are three Spanish books that your child might enjoy this season:

“¿Qué Puedes Hacer con una Paleta?” by Carmen Tafolla

In “¿Qué Puedes Hacer con una Paleta?” (“What Can You Do with a Paleta?”), a young girl introduces readers to the joys of paleta, the frozen, fruity snack popular with Mexican children in the summertime. This bilingual book will help your child immerse themselves in Spanish vocabulary and grammar.

“El Loro Tico Tango” by Anna Witte

Your child will love this magical tale about Tico Tango, a colorful parrot who learns the difference between right and wrong. The rhyming text includes Spanish vocab for colors and animals and teaches an important message about sharing. 

“Summer/Verano” by Ailie Busby

Preschoolers can discover the pleasures of summer in this 12-page book with beautiful illustrations. The text includes Spanish vocabulary for commonly used words at this time of the year and can help your child learn new language skills.  

3 Spanish Language Songs Preschoolers Will Love This Summer

These songs will not only make your child dance, but also teach them new Spanish words and phrases: 

Pica-Pica – Yo Tengo una Casita

Little Baby Bum – Diez Había en la Cama> 

La Vaca Lechera – Canciones Infantiles de la Granja de Zenón

7 Summer Spanish Language Activities for Preschoolers

Here are some activities you can enjoy with your child this summer that will help improve Spanish language acquisition:

  1. Read a book in Spanish. Check your local library’s Spanish language section or purchase a book online.
  2. Watch Spanish cartoons on Netflix. The streaming platform has original series in Spanish and English programs with Spanish dubbing.
  3. Create a Spotify playlist of Spanish language nursery rhymes, and play it around the house or when driving your child to Spanish language preschool. 
  4. Place sticky labels on items in your home with Spanish translations of those objects, and boost your child’s vocab skills. 
  5. Cook a Spanish or South American meal, and teach your child the Spanish words for each ingredient.
  6. Print out cards with Spanish words, and ask your child to guess the English translations. 
  7. Read a Spanish language comic book.  

Spanish Language Summer Preschool

Continuing Spanish language preschool education during the summer is the best way for children to master an additional language and develop life-long skills. KSS Preschools serves children ages 2-6 in the Bay area and has summer sessions running through July and August. Schedule a tour or apply now!


Combining a quality early childhood education with a Spanish immersion program gives our students a leg up in their education and their lives. For parents who value multilingualism – beginning their child's formal learning with an immersion preschool is a natural fit. During this time, children’s brains are hard-wired for language learning and pick it up naturally. Bilingual children expand their awareness of the world and gain significant cognitive benefits. For students from Spanish-speaking homes, a Spanish-immersion education helps keep the family’s cultural heritage alive. There are many benefits of multilingualism and we are proud to support our students on their journey.

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