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How Does Language Immersion Improve Working Memory?

As the world becomes more bilingual and multilingual, you need ways to better prepare our children for their future. Bilingual education and the associated language immersion open your children up to more opportunities. A dual-language education better prepares students for the workforce of the future, with increasing international opportunities and a salary to match.  A […]

How Parents Can Support Language Immersion at Home

Tips for Supporting Language Immersion Education at Home

Learning a second language doesn’t stop when the school bell rings. After a day at a Spanish immersion preschool, a child’s brain continues to soak up language. Kids learn a new foreign language faster than adults because their bilingual brains rapidly build new neural connections, and they experience increased cognitive development and abilities. That means the home is […]

Learning a Second Language During Summer — the Benefits of Year-Long Preschool

Year-round preschool lets kids improve language learning skills throughout the summer months without sacrificing the social benefits of the summer vacation, such as spending time with friends in the sun.

Learning a Second Language is Great, But Learning a Third Is Even Better

Research suggests that multilinguals find it easier to acquire language skills, and these skills bring all kinds of benefits.

KSS Immersion Preschool San Francisco

Can Language Immersion Preschool Close the Word Gap?

Children who return to preschool can communicate with other students and teachers and improve their vocabulary. They can take part in social activities, interact with others, and learn new skills in a communicative environment.

Children play outdoors at KSS Spanish Immersion Preschools

The Benefits of Outdoor Play at KSS Preschool

This winter has been tough for all of us, but our qualified instructors continued to provide learning opportunities for our incredible students. Now we’re opening the doors and heading outside, with a greater focus on outdoor learning that inspires language immersion success.

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A New Year. A New Opportunity to Build a Bilingual Brain.

Feliz año nuevo! Another year, another preschool enrolment period. This month, some parents in the Bay Area will enroll their little ones in Spanish language immersion programs so they can reap the brilliant benefits of being bilingual.

KSS Immersion Preschools Mark 100+ Days Without COVID-19 

KSS (Kids Speaking Spanish) Preschool has remained without COVID-19 for over 100 days across all of our 5 locations. Thanks to teachers, staff, students, and parents, we have reduced the spread of the virus in our group learning environment — and will continue to do so.

Preschool Executive Function Development | San Francisco Bay Area Preschool

How Preschoolers Build Executive Functions With Language Immersion (Part 2)

In this post, we explain how immersion programs encourage four more executive functions: self-awareness, self-regulation, self-motivation, and verbal working memory.

How Preschoolers Build Executive Functions With Language Immersion (Part 1)

Preschoolers who learn a second language, such as Spanish, require a sequence of cognitive capabilities called executive function skills. Language immersion strengthens these skills, providing kids with life-long benefits.

Why Learn Spanish?

Four Key Reasons Your Child Should Learn Spanish

Learning Spanish at a young age can provide a long list benefits for your child. Keep reading to learn more about why Spanish is an important language to learn as a child:

Covid19 Childcare

Returning to Work? Consider a Language Immersion Preschool for Childcare

Whether their employers are requiring them to return to the office or they are unable to do their job from-home without someone caring for their children, parents need safe, COVID safety protocol-compliant childcare arrangements to mitigate the risk of the virus.


Combining a quality early childhood education with a Spanish immersion program gives our students a leg up in their education and their lives. For parents who value multilingualism – beginning their child's formal learning with an immersion preschool is a natural fit. During this time, children’s brains are hard-wired for language learning and pick it up naturally. Bilingual children expand their awareness of the world and gain significant cognitive benefits. For students from Spanish-speaking homes, a Spanish-immersion education helps keep the family’s cultural heritage alive. There are many benefits of multilingualism and we are proud to support our students on their journey.

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