How Learning Another Language in Childhood Builds Confidence

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It’s a difficult time for all of us right now, but the coronavirus pandemic has had a significant negative impact on children’s’ mental health, according to doctors. Unable to hug friends, preschoolers find new concepts like social distancing strange which may cause kids to become more hesitant in their social interactions. Parents can help to offset negative impacts to self esteem through early childhood language immersion programs.

Cultural Awareness and Confidence

In Spanish language immersion preschools, students experience lifelong benefits. Early language and cultural immersion increases cognitive development and academic readiness. Exposure to new languages and customs facilitate children’s emotional and social development and provides them with a culturally rich perspective. This translates to them being confident, outgoing and inclusive!

Social Benefits of Language Immersion

Language immersion programs are an effective way for kids to meet other kids. Things are different now, of course, but no virus stops children from making friends. In Spanish language immersion schools, students partner up for speaking or vocabulary practice (safely), making strong bonds that cross cultures and gender differences. Learning a second language is the ultimate confidence-booster!

Student Achievement and Learning a Second Language

The new-found confidence from learning a second language has a positive mental effect on children. There’s a sense of achievement that comes with bilingualism, and this drives children to become even more successful. Learning a language like Spanish is an accomplishment at any age and demonstrates independence and determination.

“Even being able to carry a 30-second conversation with a native speaker can significantly make you more confident, because you know it’s something you wouldn’t have been able to do before,” says famous motivation and self-improvement platform Pick the Brain.

Learning a new language like Spanish produces many social benefits, including self-confidence. KSS Immersion Schools offer a curriculum that brings out the best in each child, shy or outgoing. With Spanish language immersion preschool programs for children ages two to six in the San Francisco Bay Area, KSS is a great, social distancing-compliant option for young students during this unprecedented time.

Learn more about our Spanish language pre-school programs in Albany, Oakland, San Jose and Walnut Creek that boost confidence here


Combining quality early childhood education with a Spanish immersion program gives our students a leg up in their education and their lives.

For the parents that value multilingualism - beginning their child's formal learning with an immersion preschool is a natural fit.

Not only does the knowledge of another languages help to keep the cultural heritage of the family alive, it also helps to provide the preschooler with advantages later in life. No doubt that being fluent in more than one language provides personal and professional opportunities in the future.

There are many benefits of multilingualism and we are so very proud to be a part of that for all our amazing students.

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