Innovative Curriculum: Outdoor Education at KSS

At Kids Speaking Spanish Immersion Schools, we are committed to providing our world’s future leaders with the foundation they need to thrive. We set our students up for success by providing them with an excellent Spanish immersion education. We also prioritize outdoor education in preschool, which has many benefits.

What Is Outdoor Education?

Play-based teaching methods are a crucial part of our curriculum—outdoor education simply means that our preschoolers can learn outside. Some of our classes occur in conventional classrooms. However, we believe that it’s important to supplement in-classroom experiences with engaging outdoor learning.

Outdoor learning is beneficial because students can complete lessons in participatory ways. Through hands-on play, exercise, dance, singing, and more, students can get a better handle on the material they’re learning through exciting activities.

Benefits of Outdoor Education

Outdoor education impacts children positively in several different ways. Students who participate in outdoor education prove to have better:

  • Language Skills: When students spend time outside, they are more likely to have stronger language skills. This means that our students will be improving their skills in Spanish because they can participate in outdoor play.
  • Emotional Health: At KSS Immersion Schools, we understand how important it is for young children to be emotionally healthy. Students who spend time outdoors have better emotional health, so we believe in our model.
  • Physical Health: Of course, when students can get outside and get active, this is going to lead to improved physical health in the short and long-term.

With outdoor education providing students with stronger language skills, increased emotional health, and better physical health, our students are being prepared to succeed in their personal and academic lives. Students need to do well in the classroom, and out of it, and we encourage this at KSS.

Outdoor Time: How It Improves Development 

Outdoor time is crucial for preschool-aged children because it can aid in their development. According to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, when young children have outdoor playtime, they are more likely to be able to develop strong friendships, engage their imaginations, and solve difficult problems. In addition, having outdoor time can enhance preschool-aged children’s sleep, as well. All of these benefits are vital for children’s development.

The KSS Immersion Schools education model is unique because we combine a modern learning environment with a strong value system. While your child is honing their problem-solving skills in the sandbox or expanding their perspective on the world through outdoor activities that promote cultural appreciation, they will always be safe and nurtured by our staff.

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Combining a quality early childhood education with a Spanish immersion program gives our students a leg up in their education and their lives. For parents who value multilingualism – beginning their child's formal learning with an immersion preschool is a natural fit. During this time, children’s brains are hard-wired for language learning and pick it up naturally. Bilingual children expand their awareness of the world and gain significant cognitive benefits. For students from Spanish-speaking homes, a Spanish-immersion education helps keep the family’s cultural heritage alive. There are many benefits of multilingualism and we are proud to support our students on their journey.

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