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Top Reasons to Attend Summer Camp at KSS

KSS Immersion Schools opens the door to discovery through its Spanish Immersion Summer Camp. Serving children in preschool and kindergarten at five locations throughout the Bay Area, KSS provides cultural exploration in a fun learning environment. The top reasons for young children to attend KSS Summer Camp include socialization, structure, skill development, exercise, and Spanish […]

Innovative Curriculum: Outdoor Education at KSS

At Kids Speaking Spanish Immersion Schools, we are committed to providing our world’s future leaders with the foundation they need to thrive. We set our students up for success by providing them with an excellent Spanish immersion education. We also prioritize outdoor education in preschool, which has many benefits. What Is Outdoor Education? Play-based teaching […]

Language Immersion Benefits: Building Bilingual Brains

What are some language immersion benefits for kids? Your child, counting in Spanish and humming Latin tunes, skipping through sunlit classrooms. It’s not a vacation scene but a typical day at a language immersion preschool. Amid the joyful play, your child’s brain is blossoming beyond expectations. Language immersion is like plopping your child into a […]

The Importance of Instilling Cultural Appreciation in Children

From the moment they are born, children begin absorbing information at an astonishing rate. The colors they see, the sounds they hear, and the experiences they have shape their understanding of the world. One of the most crucial aspects of this early education is introducing them to cultural diversity and the beauty of different languages. […]

Spanish Story Time: A Gateway to Early Language Learning

In an increasingly globalized world, being multilingual is more valuable than ever. As educators and parents focus on nurturing well-rounded children, the significance of language acquisition in early childhood cannot be understated. Learning a language goes beyond vocabulary and grammar; it is a gateway to understanding different cultures, perspectives, and modes of thinking. For students […]

Spanish Summer Activities for Kids

Summer Spanish Immersion Activities for Kids

As the summer season arrives, parents and educators are on the lookout for engaging activities that can both entertain and educate young students. If you’re looking to immerse your preschoolers or kindergartners in a new language before school starts, these Spanish immersion activities are a great way to educate and entertain! By incorporating fun and […]

How Early Language Immersion Improves Logical Thinking

As a child grows and develops, they go through several critical phases of learning and development. One of the most crucial periods in a child’s development is the preschool and kindergarten years. During this period, children acquire a range of skills, including logical thinking, that form the foundation of their future academic and social success. […]

How to Know Whether Your Child Is Ready for Preschool

It can be difficult to know whether your child is emotionally prepared for preschool. Some children enroll in a classroom as young as two, while others aren’t ready to enter a learning environment until they are a little older. However, there are a few signs to look out for when deciding whether your child is […]

How to Teach Gratitude to Your Preschooler

“Develop an attitude of gratitude. Say thank you to everyone you meet for everything they do for you” — motivational speaker Brian Tracy Teaching your preschooler about gratitude can help them feel more positive about their surroundings and deal with any adversity they experience when they get older. Here are some ways you can teach […]

KSS Preschools Spanish Culture

Day of the Dead Activities for Preschoolers

Young Spanish language learners love celebrating the Day of the Dead, which takes place in Mexico and around the world on November 1 and 2. This annual event — which positively remembers family members who have passed away — is best known for its colorful costumes and masks that look like painted skulls. The Day […]

Tips for Starting Preschool

As summer transitions to Fall and vacation season comes to a close, parents often begin considering preschool placement for their little ones. This can be a major transition for young children, especially if they’ve spent most of their days at home. These tips will help ease the transition into a new preschool routine. Bedtime Routines […]

Why Summer Might Be the Best Time for Your Preschooler to Learn a Second Language

School’s not out for summer! KSS Preschools, which serves the San Francisco Bay Area, offers Spanish sessions through July and August, helping little language learners immerse themselves in a second language in classrooms and outdoor environments. Here are some reasons why the summer months are the best time for preschoolers to learn a new language.  […]


Combining a quality early childhood education with a Spanish immersion program gives our students a leg up in their education and their lives. For parents who value multilingualism – beginning their child's formal learning with an immersion preschool is a natural fit. During this time, children’s brains are hard-wired for language learning and pick it up naturally. Bilingual children expand their awareness of the world and gain significant cognitive benefits. For students from Spanish-speaking homes, a Spanish-immersion education helps keep the family’s cultural heritage alive. There are many benefits of multilingualism and we are proud to support our students on their journey.

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